Lottery and Plus Results – Wednesday, 06 June 2018

dsTVGuide caters Lotto and Plus results for Wednesday, 06 June 2018. The winning numbers for the Wednesday draw.

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You can register online or via your cellphone. Follow the simple steps and you’ll be done before you know it. That’s how easy registration is. Welcome to the Wednesday lottery results online warehouse – catering to you raw lottery results, and we cater a whole lot more, these lottery results are proudly brought to you by dsTVGuide.

Getting right into it, if Wednesday is your lucky day, well you are in luck because today’s lucky numbers could be yours. Here are the winning numbers for the draw on  Wednesday, 06 June 2018

LOTTERY RESULTS To be updated after the live draws at 9:05pm
LOTTO PLUS ONE To be updated after the live draws at 9:05pm
LOTTO PLUS TWO To be updated after the live draws at 9:05pm

Guideline on how to play lottery the smart way (Do’s and Don’t)


I don’t have a formula but I do have suggestions, these suggestions, I, however recommend them. Many times you’ll hear people coming with actual named formulas and some of which kind of make sense. Some, it is just too much into it.

Formulas are more of a guideline and they don’t guarantee any winnings. here’s what I suggest you should do.

  • Have a specific rage of numbers to bet

There are way too many numbers in the lottery game, especial with the Wednesday and Saturday Lottery game. Having to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 52, is such a tussle, and randomly selecting numbers gives chances of wining 0 to non, very slim chances of winning.

  • Bet when necessary, when illegible.

Often people get high on the idea of winning lottery and tend to ‘over bet’ and spend way too much money betting than necessary.

  • Do not spend grocery money hoping for the best

If you at a retailer and get tempted to play lottery games, only do so with change money, otherwise, regrets are inevitable once you decide to spend way over your head,

  • Bet the same numbers through out [NEW]

Bet the same numbers, no change, just one raw of 6 same numbers forever, in this way you increase your chances of winning.

Otherwise all the best with your bet, and remember Ithuba Holdings permits 18 years or older players to take a chance and take away millions. 



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