Lottery, Plus Results: Saturday, 12 May 2018

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It is a big one tonight, the lottery jackpot estimated at a whooping 58 million Rands, all that money that could change the rest of your life for the better, Tonight, the live lotto will air at 9pm on SABC 2. The lotto plus jackpot stand at 7.3 Million Rands.

I hope you bought your tickets, as we will witness the lottery live as millions of customer hope to hit the jackpot of a whopping 58 Million Rand, Tonight on the 12 May 2018 on a Saturday.

Lottery has an age restriction of at least 18 to play the game – Lottery have introduced multiple ways to play the game, one of which include, playing online – Lottery has other ways which are simpler than one could ever think, and that is the USSD method.


In addition lottery has new games, of which you may learn how to play these games. A lot of people even today have issues trying to figure out how to play lottery and lottery plus – As well as Powerball and Powerball Plus.

No worries though, as we have it all covered. in the meantime, here are the lottery winning numbers for Saturday, 12 May 2018.

LOTTERY RESULTS 06, 19, 26, 28, 38, 39 Bonus Ball: 17
LOTTO PLUS ONE 12, 26, 35, 37, 44, 47 Bonus Ball: 33
LOTTO PLUS TWO 01, 04, 22, 27, 28, 38 Bonus Ball: 50
Next Estimated Jackpot (Lotto) R 58,000,000.00
Next Estimated Jackpot (Lotto Plus) R 7,300,000.00

For many year people are still trying to figure out way to win lottery, what are the odds of winning lottery. is it all about luck ? Yes indeed it is about luck, because the odds are one in 20,358,520.00. That’s right to bet all the numbers possible would cost you 20358520 x R5 = R101,792,600.00 – Yes that much.

You might wanna look at yesterday’s Powerball Results. All the best of luck.



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