SA Powerball Results – Tuesday, 31 July 2018

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Tuesday, the night of the ‘powerball-players‘, the big ‘chance takers‘, – we bring to you the Powerball results, catered for by e.tv live Powerball draws. If you have your tickets ready for tonight:-

The winning numbers

Tonight’s jackpot is standing at an estimated R 125,000,000.00 – and the Powerball jackpot is standing at R 3,000,000.00, Tonight’s jackpot is looking good.


here are the winning numbers for the Powerball and Powerball plus results for Tuesday.

POWERBALL RESULTS - will soon be updated
POWERBALL PLUS - will soon be updated

You may want to learn how to play lottery games online, or perhaps using SMS as well as USSD. That’s right, the power of technology allows us to do these things online, which is very convenient for you don’t you think?

Ithuba Holdings got you covered with unlimited times you can play the lottery and/or perhaps how much one spends on it, as long as you are at least the age of 18. It is often said, it’s only a game – don’t take it personally.

Happy betting, also remember you can learn how to play the lottery and plus and as well as powerball and powerball plus.

Tuesday night might just change someone’s life and I hope it’s yours if not, not to worry – Catch all the exciting draws live on e.tv at 9 pm, Tuesdays, and Fridays 




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